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Alva the Mighty

Alva the Mighty

Role: Quest Designer/ Writer
Team Size: 6

Alva the Mighty is a 3D action-RPG that tells the story of a Viking warrior on a quest to rescue her witless husband from countless Norse-inspired dangers across the land. The goal of the project was to develop a vertical slice of a game that addressed gender issues in video games by satirizing them through gender reversal.

My main role on this 6-week project was to develop the quest for the vertical slice as well as write all of the character dialogue and conceptualize any other necessary story related elements in the game such that they fit within our satire of the current state of gender in games.

For the majority of the project, I used Twine to build and user test the dialogue for the game without being at all dependent on how much of the game was built out in Unity. This was also just a more effective manner of getting quick feedback on the humor/satire of the game because it didn’t gate conversations behind gameplay objectives like the final game did, allowing users to read through all of the game’s dialogue relatively quickly.


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