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Blue Screen of Love

Role: Narrative Designer/ Writer

Blue Screen of Love

Team Size: 5

Blue Screen of Love is a dating sim where you must woo your 1990s operating system in order to convince her that the Internet is not such a bad place after all. BSoL was created by a team of 5 in 72 hours.

My role on Blue Screen of Love was to write the script for the dating sim with the creative input of the team. It was up to me to decide how the conflict between the player and Dorothy, the operating system, would come about as well as how it would branch throughout the game.

The branching dialogue was crucial to making the game feel challenging and fun, and making a dating sim under the time crunch of a game jam taught me a great deal about how to structure a replayable, ‘multiple-endings’ game while still retaining a manageable scope.


I used Twine to create the entire interactive script for the game. Not only did Twine allow me to test the game as I wrote it, it also exported to HTML so that my other teammates could quickly take my work, add sound and images, and place it all into a website.

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