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Dobre Dunk

Role: Lead Game Designer
Team Size: 10

Dobre Dunk is a hypercasual mobile game featuring the "Dobre Brothers," who are 4 YouTube personalities with a knack for gymnastics. The game is a humorous twist on 1 on 1 basketball where players have to dunk their character into the hoop to score points.

My main role on this 3-month project was to design the gameplay and core loops with the assistance of another designer. I also worked directly with the engineers to tune and balance the gameplay, as well as with the artists to implement the UI flows and specced 3D models.

After release, the game was downloaded over 1 million times, and received an impressive 4.9 out of 5 star rating on iOS. 

The key to the game's success, as with all of the games we created at BBTV, was to make the social influencer a core part of the game that spoke to their brand and fans in a genuine way. By designing a game that represented the Dobre brand of wacky athletics, we could proudly promote it on social media and know that it would strengthen the Dobres' connection with their fans and help draw in new fans every day.


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