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Let's Bounce!

The Odd1sOut: Let's Bounce

Role: Lead Game Designer
Team Size: 8

Let's Bounce is a launcher mobile game that chronicles the life and career of the successful YouTuber "TheOdd1sOut" (aka James). From infancy to cosplaying at conventions and working at Subway, this game lets fans share in the highs and lows of James' rise to stardom.

My main role on this 10-month project was designing the gameplay and economy systems, as well as sourcing art references for the characters and backgrounds to craft a world true to the YouTube channel.

With millions of downloads and an iOS rating of 4.7/5 stars, the game clearly reached the fans on an emotional level.

My design pillars for reaching our audience effectively revolved around humor reinforced by the art style, a simple game mechanic with room for skill expression, and a story that reinforced the core themes of James' videos.

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