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Impostor Chase

Shiloh & Bros: Impostor Chase

Role: Lead Game Designer
Team Size: 12

Impostor Chase is a casual mobile game with the "Shiloh & Bros" characters as the stars of the show. The game takes the pacing of popular hide and seek games and combines it with Among Us objectives and antics.

My main role on this 8-month project was to design all the gameplay and secondary systems and assist with level design. In addition I provided mockups for the artists and heavily playtested builds in order to tune gameplay and economy.

The game was a hit with the core audience at launch and landed a 4.8/ 5 star rating on iOS. 

With a focus on easy to learn gameplay and multiple avenues of customization (Outfits, Characters, and a Bedroom decoration meta), fans are seeing it as a welcome extension of the "Shiloh and Bros" YouTube channel. The game also served as a strong foundation for future content updates such as Powerups, Daily Missions, and new levels.

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