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Dungeon Janitor

Dungeon Janitor

Role: Writer + Programmer
Team Size: 4

Dungeon Janitor is a narrative game where you play as a lowly minion who works in a dungeon, keeping it tidy for the raid groups that slog through it each day. The only thing that keeps you going is your friendship with your mushrooms, which you tend to in a garden in your home. The game is all about balancing work and home life, with deadly consequences for failure.

One of my roles on this project was creating the story of the game and tying it in to the gameplay decisions. Alongside the story, I wrote the dialogue for the game.

My other major role was planning and programming the different paths that the player can take each day, and how the player's decisions affect your relationship with your mushrooms.  

The game was built entirely in Twine 2, where I was able to easily create a branching path story and program all the paths, decision points and the karma system (using Harlowe scripting). 

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