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Underwater Lab Escape Room

Role: Game Designer
Team Size: 16

"Leaps by Bayer" is an escape room challenge in which a team of 4-8 people have to solve science related puzzles to retrieve a cancer-curing organism from an underwater research lab. The escape room was created to promote Bayer's ambitious initiative "Leaps" at the HubWeek 2019 tech conference in Boston, MA.

My main role on this 4-month project was to design puzzles and room layouts for the 3 rooms of the experience, as well as to write the scripts for the narrative videos that played at key points during the game.

The underwater lab was a unique challenge for 2 reasons: first, Bayer was insistent on science puzzles that were both fun and educational; second, we built the escape room inside of a shipping container with very limited space. Designing with these constraints in mind, we created a series of digital and physical puzzles that led players through the journey of collecting and analyzing a lab sample deep in the ocean. I worked with 2 other designers to create the room layouts and design the puzzles. During the conference, I assisted with operating the live room and providing hints to participating teams.

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