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Glitch: Digital Card Game

Glitch: A Digital Card Game

Role: Design Lead
Team Size: 6

I worked on a team of 6 to create an auto-battler card game that would primarily act as a second screen experience for an upcoming TV series. The game needed to fit with a young audience and stand out amongst current popular titles in the digital card game space. My role involved core design and balance of the game, as well as game documentation.

As the Design Lead, it was my job to guide the card game design process from concept to polished prototype and produce detailed documentation to support it. While digital card games like ‘Hearthstone’ and ‘Magic: The Gathering’ offered great inspiration, I really strove to innovate our game in a way that would uniquely fit the show brand we were creating for. By creating and sticking to a few core pillars of design, my team and I were able to iterate numerous fully-playable (on mobile devices) prototypes that got our client excited not only for the card game itself but for what it could do for the overall brand.

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