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The Good, the Bad, and the Monkey

The Good, the Bad, and the Monkey

Role: Level/ Puzzle Designer, Writer
Team Size: 6

Good/ Bad/ Monkey is a 2D puzzle RPG about a baboon sheriff who must keep the peace in the Wild West (full of monkeys!). The game was designed to draw in casual RPG fans who like mature/absurd humor and it was structured in a way that could be easily extended into a long-running series of episodes.

My primary role on the project was to construct the conversation puzzles for the game as well as write the dialogue. Since I had a large say in the flow of the game, I also helped design the level compositions to match our intended experience.

The biggest challenge on the project was tailoring the difficulty of the puzzles so that they were easy enough for the average player to solve but not so easy that players would quickly get bored.


I worked closely with the lead programmer to implement the karma system that tracks your decisions throughout the game as well as the hidden player inventory for further progress tracking. While most of my role revolved around design and writing, I also got my hands dirty in Unity to implement the dialogue and QA/troubleshoot any bugs in the game.

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