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Rogue AI

Rogue AI Escape Room

Role: Game Designer/ Writer
Team Size: 8

"Rogue AI" is an escape room challenge in which a team of 5-10 people have to solve tech-related puzzles to shut down a rogue AI named Tracey and break out of the facility. This room was designed for the Trace3 tech conference (and a company by the same name), to offer conference-goers a unique experience in between talks. 

My main role on this 4-month project was to design puzzles for the 3 rooms of the experience, as well as to write the scripts for the narrative videos that played at key points during the game.

As with designing any Escape Room, I began the project (alongside 2 other designers) by brainstorming and pitching ideas to the client that would excite cutting-edge members of the tech community. After a theme was approved, I mapped out a puzzle flow for the game, and then worked to design the solutions for those puzzles, ensuring that each one fed into the overarching story and flowed naturally into the next puzzle. When writing the video scripts, I took into account key information players would need to know in each room, as well as the mood and atmosphere that we wanted to convey.

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