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WRITING (Fiction)

Role: Writer

Writing (Fiction)

Team Size: 1

Video games, when done right, tell great stories. As an avid writer, I enjoy creating works of fiction in my “free time” to hone my storytelling craft, and when I’m not creating stories for games, I often write short stories from everyday inspiration. I have also written 2 novels.

Inspiration is everywhere, and short stories are my way of taking the oddities of life and weaving them into narratives. Fantasy, Suspense and Science Fiction are just a few of the genres that I use to bring new characters to life, but no matter the story, I find that writing pushes my creativity in new directions that benefit every other aspect of my life. 

In 2013, I found the opportunity to participate in a contest sponsored by Intel to envision the dangerous implications of technology in the future through short fiction. My story about a future where organic brains are a thing of the past, titled "Lost Dreams," was selected as one of ten winners across the globe.

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